Background colour on sharppos

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Background colour on sharppos

Postby Eeeewan on Wed Nov 06, 2019 7:43 pm

Since a power it the background colour of the sharppos system has defaulted to a horrible mustard brown colour.

I cannot find the option to change this anywhere in the ecr manager. Any advice as to where this setting is located would be much appreciated. It is the background colour on every single screen on the system.

Many thanks.
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Re: Background colour on sharppos

Postby GrahamAuty on Thu Nov 07, 2019 2:30 am

If the background colour of screens on the Sharp Pos terminal (as opposed to on Ecr Manager) has changed then it probably means that the Sharp Pos database values for one or more of its first 32 colours (also known as the system colours) were corrupted by the power cut.

Ecr Manager (via Keyboard Manager) does not allow editing and download of these first 32 colours for the precise reason that it could cause all sorts of havoc when programming or using Sharp Pos if they were badly chosen. It does allow editing of colours 33 to 64 which may be freely defined for use with list keys without affecting system menus etc.

There IS an option within the VPM utility on Sharp Pos itself to reset the 32 system colours to their factory defaults (via the Colours tab in Configure / System Configuration).

After changing these colours in VPM, either manually or by restoring factory defaults, you will probably need to restart Sharp Pos to see these changes take effect.


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