Casio SE-C300 - disable clerk function and program tables

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Casio SE-C300 - disable clerk function and program tables

Postby fhyc on Tue Jan 30, 2018 10:23 am


I have a Casio SE-C300 ECR, it was in a bit of a state but I have managed to factory reset it and do some basic config.
In the manual it says there is a clerk function and shows how to enable this with the following - "PGM3 - SubTotal - 2722 - SubTotal - 400000000 - CA/Tend - SubTotal"
This worked OK, but now the ECR insists a clerk log on before it can be used, at the moment I don't want this functionality so want to disable it again, but the manual does not say how to do this - can anyone help please? (I know I could factory reset again but I'll lose all my programming already done).

Next - internet searches have indicated this till can do "tables" by which I understand, different bills for different people, I hope to use this for Bar Tabs.

There does not seem to be any guide in the manuals on how to set this up, I presume you use the clerk function, having one clerk for each 'tab', then switch between them as required.
So I'd need to set-up one clerk for each 'tab' and set a name for on them, then program key functions to switch to a specific clerks - can anyone help with this please?

Thanks very much for any feedback.

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Re: Casio SE-C300 - disable clerk function and program table

Postby Chipinn on Tue Mar 13, 2018 12:50 pm

I appear to have disabled this function on my Casio SE-C450 but purely by accident LOL. I am looking to reverse what you have done LOL
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