Casio TE-2400 assigning a department?

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Casio TE-2400 assigning a department?

Postby Lockmiss on Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:05 pm

I have owned my till for a number of years and it was set up for me at that time, I now need to add a new department with a few PLUs, I have mangaged to create a couple of new PLUs and a new department, but at the moment if I ring anything up under the new PLUs it adds it to my total but not to any department, so my questions is how do I assign them to each other? Any help much appreicated.
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Re: Casio TE-2400 assigning a department?

Postby andy-the-diver on Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:19 pm

this is from memory - its been years since i touched one of these ....
in program, press 3 into subtotal followed by 1166 into subtotal followed by the PLU number into thePLU button.
next, type in the department number you want to link that PLU to into the cash button - finalising by pressing the sub total button again. [just try this on a single PLU as I'm honestly not 100% certain of this]
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