Citizen CT-S2000 receipts printing backwards

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Citizen CT-S2000 receipts printing backwards

Postby crocodile1234 on Thu Apr 25, 2019 1:35 am

Can anyone help me? I am using a Citizen CT-S2000 with a Uniwell TX 875, but the printer is printing the wrong way round, so the receipt is upside down as it comes out of the printer. I have the same set up on another site and it is printing the other way round. Even the self print which shows the dip switch settings comes out the wrong way (top first), so I assume it's not a setting on the Uniwell. Tried the Citizen printer utility and couldn't find any settings and cant see any other way to reverse the print direction. Maybe the print direction can be changed in the Uniwell? Where would that setting be? Thanks in advance :)
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Re: Citizen CT-S2000 receipts printing backwards

Postby S1mon on Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:35 am

This is nothing to do with the Uniwell, and you can't do anything about it that way.

You need to find a copy of the full service manual for the printer. I may have a copy somewhere, but I'm on my mobile at the moment.

There is a process to get into the main printer settings which involves having the lid open and pressing the buttons in a certain sequence, then you'll be able to work through and find the setting to change.
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