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confused AX-3000

Postby Dazco on Mon Jan 04, 2021 9:25 pm

I have just bought an AX-3000, although I thought I was buying a HX-4500.

Here is the story. I saw someone advertise a uniwell epos , with drawer and two printers for 550 euro's. She said it was less than 12 months old and I asked what model it was , she said it says HX-2500 on the receipt and the receipt was for just over 3000 euros.

I thought this was a lot, I had just had a demo that day of a 2500 and got it offered for 1100, so asked for a photo of the side view. She said it was locked away but posted me a pic that looked like a HX4500, which might justify the 3000 price tag.

So I have bought it today, and it's an AX-3000 , according to the data label.

I have no problem paying 550 for a working 12 month old epos with two printers , but my research shows this model is 8 years old.
The receipt definitely says HX2500, which is very distinctive looking .
I'm wondering what the heck is going on. The people who sold it her are the local dealers for Uniwell but I am wondering if this company have duped her because she is a bit dippy.

How much would you expect to pay for a new AX-3000?

A few more questions

Where can I get a manual from?
Is there a standard 'clerk code' to get into the damn thing.

Thoughts and opinions please
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Re: confused AX-3000

Postby Dazco on Tue Jan 05, 2021 2:47 am

Add on.
Weird things have happened.
I live in Spain , but am British.
This machine was fully programmed in Spanish and has now started up in English , with not one bit of the previous existence visible.

If there is a reputable dealer out there who wants to help me , remotely , I would be happy to pay them.
I do not like/trust my local dealer, who sold this poor girl an AX3000 for 3 grand , and did not give her a reply when she asked how to change the Logo, 11 months later.

My new saviour would also have a download of the ax3000 user manual.
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Re: confused AX-3000

Postby S1mon on Fri Jan 08, 2021 8:56 am

I haven't done Uniwell stuff in five years, but 3000 Euros for a single screen system seems massively over-priced no matter what the machine is.

The HX-2500 is completely different to the AX3000 - as I'm sure you've Googled. The HX-4000 is the replacement for the AX-3000, but they fill different holes - one is Linux based one is ROM based.

Beyond that, you've bought it, and "Caveat Emptor" as they say.

If you drop me a PM with your email address then I can send you a copy of the old AX manual I have - I doubt if much has changed since then, certainly not in the core programming etc.
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