DX-915 and corrupted tracks and other issues

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DX-915 and corrupted tracks and other issues

Postby BayouCity on Wed Feb 07, 2018 10:45 pm

Hello all, we are trying to limp along with our units for a few more months until we undergo a remodel and are having some internment issues. We have three linked terminals and for the most part they behave fairly well. Unfortunately we do have occasional issues with corrupted tracks, by this I mean the track exists within the system but is inaccessible either by server number(we are a restaurant) or bill number. This typically happens when an operation is being performed on the track i.e. printing, storing or adding additional items to said check. When this happens the sever ID linked to that track is locked out from the system as well. Frequently when this happens the terminal which was being used loses its connection to the irc(uninet). When reinitializing the terminal will not always connect and must be reset multiple times and the IRC reinitialized multiple times. This past weekend an additional issue reared its head, when turning the terminal back on after a reset the unit never came back to life and only powered on after a bit of a rest. We have currently removed the terminal from service as we are worried it will die on us during volume service. Any insight would be greatly appreciated and Hello from Texas!
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