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IPL extraction

Postby deisetills on Mon May 18, 2020 3:24 pm

Just said i'd throw up a topic to see does anyone know more about this. I would consider myself fairly adept with the Casio series of tills and have programmed hundreds of different systems including writing custom arrangement files for people to add functionality etc so would be intimate with the darkest corners of the systems.

However I have seen numerous references on this forum and others to people "extracting" or "copying" IPL from a till unit to the CF card. I have never seen reference to this functionality in any training or service manual. Is it in fact possible? It doesn't seem like it should be as the IPL is the firmware and very few devices can export their own firmware but curiosity is getting the best of me :lol: Possible? or are people mislabelling a full CF card backup as an IPL?
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