ms7 120 on rs232 to be converted to usb

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ms7 120 on rs232 to be converted to usb

Postby rav123 on Fri May 27, 2016 12:28 pm

To all

Much appreciated

I currently have a ms7120 scanner which is on a epos connected via rs232. I have unplugged the scanner only from the cable and connected it to a usb cable on a different till but the scanner will not pick up the barcode at all but does power up .

I have the setup manual with barcode but I am not sure which settings is required for it to work on usb or to even pick up the barcode

Any advise would be great.

Thank you
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Re: ms7 120 on rs232 to be converted to usb

Postby andy-the-diver on Mon Jul 04, 2016 12:16 am

I'm pretty sure that the scanners interface boards are different - you cant just plug an rs232 head into a usb cable [you will see on the scanner serial number label that it will be designated either usb or rs232] at very least, there will be jumpers inside the unit - but as its a precision setup of lasers lenses and mirrors - I certainly wouldn't recommend taking it apart to find out!

if its connected to a pos terminal, you should have a spare comms port.
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