Saving UP-X300 data ?

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Saving UP-X300 data ?

Postby prisoner01 on Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:52 pm

Hi all,

I recently bought a UP-X300 unit, something I hadn't tried programming before, but which, after a lot of reading and trial and error, I now have working and doing what I want it to do.
What I now need however is a way to copy the program in it to PC, so should anything happen, I don't lose all the data and work so far.

I know that I can use the backup facility in the inbuilt back office, but that only backs up to the unit itself, or at least I can't see any way to send it elsewhere. I had a simple program for my old Samsung SER7000 called Samtools which let me make a copy and save it, so is there something similar for this till ?

I don't need to program it from the software, I'm happy to do that on the till itself, just to be able to save it to a PC and reflash it if I needed to.

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