Sam4s er5200 z1 and X1 reports tax categories

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Sam4s er5200 z1 and X1 reports tax categories

Postby Ianh on Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:15 pm

I am tearing my hair out with this one! Really hoping someone can help.
A bit of background, I own a cafe in the UK with two sam4s er 5200 cash registers. One is for eat in sales (all VATable) and the other till is used for takeaway sales ( some VATable and others none VATable). I recently changed accountants and moved to a new system for accounts. Now using sage and was previously using a home built daily ledger on excel. All inherited from the previous business owner who also used the accountant that I have just fired.
So the problem, when entering sales into sage I noticed that the VAT amounts didn't seem to be exactly correct ie not exactly 20% Of net sales on the eat in till or exactly 20% of net vat able sales on the takeaway till. Furthermore, on the takeawaybtill z and x reports there were three categories of sales, vat sales, non vat sales and a third category which didn't have a title.
By closely examining till journals I uncovered many weird things eg products with wrong descriptions, prices, tax classes t1 vs t2. So have been working through and systematically fixing errors. I thought I had cracked it a few days ago when running x reports, the takeaway till was only giving vat sales and non vat sales so all well and good, however when I tried to use sage again, the calculated vat values didn't agree with the a report values, (only pennies different but I like to be spot on!). So I now assumed that the vat programming was wrong and followed the manual to redo this. This took a bit of trial and error as I couldn't find a tax shift button or understand properly what the tax shift button was supposed to do. Eventually I used a button marked VAT and this seemed to do the trick. At least when I just tested it the vat on an x report equalled exactly 20% , strangely the vat on the other till calculated to 20.0011 % so I am wondering if the button marked vat is different on both tills.
Then horror of horrors, looking back over past days a reports, the uncategorised sales seems to have crept back in. I have pored over till journals to try and find what could be contributing to these sales but cannot find anything. Anyone seen anything similar or know of any way to check what might be going on? Suggestions great fully received...
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Re: Sam4s er5200 z1 and X1 reports tax categories

Postby andy-the-diver on Thu Jul 19, 2018 12:18 am

sage only looks at the overall value and if a fraction of a penny is involved, then it will round up or down or off to the nearest penny .......ONCE.
You however charge vat - however small, to lots and lots of customers. so on values that come out to fractions of a penny - the till will either round up, round down or round off depending how you set it. over 100 customers - this could add up. fraid the answer is - dont be ocd lol
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