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SAM4S NR 500 - VAT and PLUs

Postby Mourne Man on Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:53 am

If this question has already been asked and answered in previous posts, apologies in advance and directions to the relevant post(s) would be greatly appreciated.
Just purchased a SAM4S NR 500 for use in a small pub.
Pre collection of the register the seller kindly set it up including the PLU keys with VAT inclusive prices. When demonstrating its operation including the report features I noticed that the "Z" report,in particular, didn't show the VAT analysis and to cut a long story short the seller insisted that a VAT analysis wasn't necessary as a simple manual calculation on the total sales figure would extract the VAT.
Bearing in mind that the VAT inclusive prices are already programmed and all items are VATable (and I really don't want to redo that process if at all possible) can someone please outline the steps I need to take to ensure that I can get a VAT anaylsis on the"Z" report.
All kind assistance will much appreciated.
Kind regards

This issue has now been resolved.
Kind regards
Mourne Man
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Re: SAM4S NR 500 - VAT and PLUs

Postby Till_Engineer on Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:58 am

I've posted this in case others have the same question.

What do you get on the financial report?

Tax 1 Sales
Tax 1

If it's all "NonTax" then tax has not been setup at all
If it's all "Tax 1 Sales" but no "Tax 1" then you simply need to set the tax rate up

Tax Rate Setup
PGM Mode
- Select Taxes
- Select Tax 1
- Set 1 = "VAT"
- Set 2 = Type = VAT
- Set 3 = 20.00%

Link PLU to Tax
PGM Mode
- Select PLU Programming
- Select Add / Change
- Select One PLU
- Press Button / Scan Code
- Set Taxable By Tax 1 => Y

The Seller is also wrong regarding the simple calculation, VAT on 100 items @ £1 is different to the vat on 1 item @ £100

Vat on £1 => 17p x 100 = £17
Vat on £100 = £16.67
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Re: SAM4S NR 500 - VAT and PLUs

Postby Plomax on Wed Mar 31, 2021 1:03 am

Hello, I also have this problem. I find it annoying as I have a gift shop with certain items at zero tax, whilst others are 20%.
It prints off the info on the individual customer receipt, but not the all important z breakdown. I also have created 2 groups - 1 for our operation, and 1 for sales of items to a local charity. Again, if there are sales from both in a transaction, its clearly printed on the receipt. However sales from groups 1 and 2 are not broken down on the z report. Is there any way of altering this?
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