Setting Tax rates ---SHARP XE A101---

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Setting Tax rates ---SHARP XE A101---

Postby KBrooks on Sun Jan 24, 2010 10:52 pm

I'm trying to set up two tax rates on this register.

SHARP XE A101 (I know, it's a dinosaur lol)

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, following the manual is not helping me much.
I know I'm missing something though.

I think I'm programming it the right way, but I don't know how to get it to use the Tax 2 rate when doing a transaction.

I need 2 tax rates
11.5% to Tax 1
5.0% to Tax 2

I set it to program and do the following:

For tax rate 1 :
9>#/Sbtl>1>@TM>enter tax rate>@TM>enter Min. Taxable Amount>CA/AT/NS

For tax rate 2:
9>#/Sbtl>2>@TM>enter tax rate>@TM>enter Min. Taxable Amount>CA/AT/NS

I hit #/sbtl (while still in program mode) and get the programming report and it shows that 2 tax rates are set, Tax 1 = 11.5 , Tax 2 = 5.0

Register Mode:

For a transaction here is what I'm doing...

To use Tax 1 I do this:

1>CLK>Amount Due>Dept Key 1>#Sbtl>Amount Tendered>CA/AT/NS

It works fine, adds 11.5% tax to the sale.

When I try to use Tax 2

1>CLK>Amount Due>Dept Key 2>#Sbtl>Amount Tendered>CA/AT/NS

But doing this just adds the 11.5%

I have tried using the Tax 1 Shift/RA and Tax 2 Shift/PO buttons after typing in the "Amount Due" but I get and Error.
Does it always default to Tax 1?

How do I tell the register which Tax Rate to use?

At first I thought the Tax Rates where assigned to the Department keys, but I guess thats not how it works.
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