Uniwell ix-15 power supply

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Uniwell ix-15 power supply

Postby lagip on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:24 am


A friend has a spare uniwell ix-15 that he now wants to use but can't find the power supply.

there are four pins and 24V (like most) but it says 5 (new ones ar just over 3 amps) Amps, plus we don't know the pinout. Will power supplies from OkPOs, Sam4s or another brand work? or is there a place to purchase replacement?

Regards Lagi
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Re: Uniwell ix-15 power supply

Postby S1mon on Mon Jun 04, 2018 10:34 am

OKPOS PSUs are 12v, and the pinouts are different. If you try a random PSU then you will almost certainly end up killing the till

You need to find the right PSU spec
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