XE-A303 - Reviving from long term storage

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XE-A303 - Reviving from long term storage

Postby laijer on Sat Dec 21, 2019 5:00 pm

Tried to revive an XE-A303 we had in storage. It had been off for over a year.

Tried to reset it/initialise it and it seemed to work the 1st time, but cannot get it to initialise a 2nd time.
I have tried unplugging it from the power and leaving it unplugged for 5 minutes before retrying. But still no luck.

After setting date and time, I wasn't able to set the logo message. Everytime I press the numeric "4" button #/TM/ST, I get the beep like i'ts and unrecognised button press.

I can enter amounts using different departments and do Sub Total and Total, but I can't to a daily sale reset (Z1).
When I switch the MA key to X1Z1 and press the "." button, it gives me an unrecognised button press beep.

Any advice wouyld be appreciated.
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